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Water Heater Service, Repair & Replacement

The average life span of a residential water heater is around 6 year of age. How you water heater is taken care of may increase or decrease its life span. If your water heater goes out, let Jefferies Inc. bring hot water back to your home, with our water heater repair or replacement services.

Hot Water is a Necessity

Have you noticed your water heater not providing as much hot water as usual? Does the hot water cool down or turn cold in a short period of time? Is there rust, corrosion or water on the piping or around the water heater itself? These are a couple signs a water heater may be in need of a repair or to be replaced. Fortunately, Jefferies Inc. offers full water heater service and repair to businesses and homes across the Denver area.

Comprehensive Water Heater Service & Repair for Your Denver Home or Business

A faulty water heater can stem from a variety of causes. From a simple heating element replacement, to more complex issues, Jefferies Inc. is your go to water heater contractor in Denver. Our trained and certified technicians have the experience and qualifications to ensure that your water heater is maintained to the highest standard, and repaired as soon as problems arise. Jefferies Inc. also offers full water heater replacement services to Denver. We use only the highest quality products, guaranteed to meet the strict new standards set for the by the NAECA. When you buy from Jefferies Inc., you know your water heater is not only economically efficient, it is environmentally friendly and installed correctly.

The Most Efficient & Environmentally Friendly Water Heaters Available

Are you looking for a more environmentally conscious way to heat water for your home? Jefferies Inc. can help provide you with a water heater that is not only better for your budget, but better for the planet as well. Let a technician from Jefferies Inc. talk with you personally about your home’s needs. We are dedicated to full customer satisfaction, so we only carry the highest quality water heater products. That way, we can give you our guarantee that our installations will exceed your expectations. Save money on your water bill. Make an environmentally friendly lifestyle choice. Call the water heater experts of Denver at Jefferies Inc. today at (720) 250-9944!

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Our highly-qualified service technicians and installers are ready to help you with your homes heating and cooling needs.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • First Aid Trained and Certified Technicians

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  • NATE Certified Technicians

  • All Technicians Must Pass a 10-Year Criminal Background Check

  • All Technicians Must have a clean driving record

  • Tobacco and Drug Free work place and customer sites

  • 98% Customer retention rate plus 15% annual growth rate

  • All Technicians are pre-screened on technical ability before hire

  • We schedule appointments without you breaking your schedule

  • We only install high quality factory equipment and components to optimize efficiency and lower long term repair costs

  • Locally owned and operated

  • 24/7 Hour Emergency Service

  • We provide a 2-hour guaranteed response time to all preventive maintenance contract customers

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