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Residential Evaporative Cooler Services

More often than not, new homeowners in Colorado have never heard the term “evaporative cooler.” Evaporative cooling systems, also called Swamp Coolers, provide an attractive alternative to traditional HVAC systems in Colorado. Not only do they efficiently cool your home, they add moisture to the air, which is a valuable service in the dry Denver environment. Evaporative coolers use moisturized pads and the power of evaporation to cool and rehydrate the air. Air is drawn in, lifts moisture up from the pads, and recirculates the cooled, moisturized air.

Efficiency and Reliability in HVAC

Evaporative coolers are a popular option in Denver for many different reasons. Since they operate mostly on the natural power of water evaporation, evaporative coolers help keep maintenance expenses as low as possible, and use up to 75% less power than a traditional cooling system, which saves you money on your energy bill every month.

For homeowners suffering from dry, cracked, or irritated skin, evaporative coolers can relieve you from dry air in your home. These systems moisten the air while cooling it, adding much needed moisture to the dry Colorado environment. On top of that, evaporative coolers filter out smoke, pollution and other airborne irritants, ensuring that every breath you take is a breath of fresh air.

Denver’s Experts in Evaporative Cooling Systems

The technicians at Jefferies Inc. have over 100 years of experience installing evaporative cooling systems to Denver homes and businesses. When our expert installers build your system, they use only the best brands, parts and equipment, to ensure that we deliver a fantastic finished product, every time. Contact us today, and we will sit down with you, face-to-face, to discuss whether an evaporative cooler is the right solution for you.

Service & Repair for Your Evaporative Cooler in Denver

In the hot summers of Denver, your HVAC system breaking down can be a serious emergency. The interior of your home can easily reach temperatures of over 100 degrees in a matter of hours, making for long and uncomfortable summer days. No matter the hour, when your HVAC system goes out, contact Jefferies Inc. We provide 24-Hour repair services to homes and businesses in the Denver metro area 7 days a week. Call Jefferies Inc. today, at (720) 250-9944!

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